Nearby the Maison Rouge

The Resort LA MAISON ROUGE is located in a strategic position in the heart of the Puglia region, and it's therefore an ideal base for visiting the major sights of this area: Bari, Lecce and the Salento and the splendid Valle d'Itria.
Just a few minutes from the resort you can visit:

Marina di Ginosa 
In addition to the beautiful golden sandy beach, it is interesting to visit the beautiful pine forests of the coast, of considerable natural impact, the Salinella Lake, with several species of migratory birds, and Torre Mattoni, the coastal Tower of sighting of the middle ages at the mouth of the River Bradano.
terra delle gravine
A park that made famous the 14 municipalities of the Ionian arch that belong (Laterza, Ginosa, Castellaneta, Mottola, Massafra, Palagianello, Palagiano, Statte, Martina Franca, Crispiano, Montemesola, Grottaglie, s. Marzano and Villa Castelli) due to the existence on its territory of deep Karst Rocky Gorge called "gravine", which leave from the murgian plateau and head towards the sea. The morphological characteristics of the gravine and the presence of numerous caves, favored human settlement from the Neolithic until modern times, with a strong concentration in the middle ages. Many rock-hewn villages to visit, composed of cave dwellings in which are still clearly visible fireplaces, couches, shelves, stables, cisterns and cellars, and Rock-Hewn Churches, Crypts, frescoes, beautiful testimonies of people who were. No less interesting is the natural part of the gravine: home of several species of mammals, amphibians and birds, among which the "Grillaio Hawk" and the rare "Capovaccaio".
ginosa 2
Visits and historical-cultural routes in gravina, with approximately 400 cave dwellings and cave churches. Interesting old village with the Norman castle. Typical dinner at "butcher shop" and food and wine tasting.
Visits and excursions in the most impressive gravine of the whole Park and largest canyon in Europe, with its 12 km long and 200 m deep. OASIS LIPU with possibility of birdwatching. Characteristic historical center with the ancient Palazzo Marchesale. City of majolica with numerous artistic and craft workshops.
The city of the two seas is home to a quaint old town and the famous Marta, the prestigious Archaeological Museum full of artifacts and evidence of membership of Taranto to the Magna Greece. Possibility of mini-boat cruises on the Bay.
One of the most important and flourishing cities of Magna Greece, founded in the 7th century. BC by groups coming from the Peloponnese. The Archaeological Park encompasses the urban sanctuary, part of the Agora, the ceramics district and the North-South Road axis on which you set the entire system of the old city. The Museum, rich in finds, offers a framework of Metapontino inland from the first prehistoric events to late Antiquity period. At 3 km from Metaponto, the famous Tavole Palatine, 15 Doric columns, what remains of the temple dedicated to the goddess Hera.
The famous city of Sassi, UNESCO heritage, that amazes for its uniqueness and peculiarity of its historical centre, made up of districts entirely built and excavated behind the limestone of gravina. Her beauty led her to be declared as "City of Cinema", after famous movie locations.

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